Our 20oz steel double wall tumblers will keep your sweet tea as cold as a snowmans butt and your coffee as hot as the seventh level of... well you get what we are saying. And did we mention these awesome tumblers come with a straw or you can use them without a straw and snap it shut to minimize spills! 


The rubber on the lids help ensure that you get a tight seal for no leakage around the rim. And they fit perfectly in most car cup holders! (no really we've tried them in quite a few and haven't found one we don't fit yet) 


These tumblers are sublimated so there is absolutely zero potentially toxic epoxy involved!


Want a custom design? No problem! We've got your back! Just send us a message thru any of our social media, or the contact page and we can get something set up for you! 


Let your heart be your compass inspirational quotes with floral accents double wall steel 20oz tumbler with straw and lid closure. 

Let your heart be your compass double wall steel 20 oz tumbler with straw

$28.00 Regular Price
$24.92Sale Price
    • 20oz Double Wall Steel Tumbler
    • Straw
    • Top with closure
  • To ensure a long lasting beautiful tumblers please keep the following in mind!

    • Not dishwasher safe... (No seriously you will break the double wall seal and can also quite possible reactivate the sublimation process with high heat (380 and above usually) which will blur your images on your cup)
    • Not microwave safe... (They are metal.... Metal + Microwave = Fire... Please do not microwave these.)
    • Handwash only! (See first rule as to why)