Started in 2010... Corrupt Peanut has gone thru many phases and changes just as a person and family does. What started as a business to supply people with access to affordable party designs, turned into so much more and evolved in ways no one could quite expect.​

Hello! I am Megan. I am 34 years old (And yes I just had to ask my husband how old I was) and I have 5 kids (2 bio and 3 bonus). I started down the path of running a business in 2010 when I found myself pregnant with my eldest son, on bed rest, and suddenly single and completely on my own. It was THE best thing to happen ever. Not only did I gain my son but I gained a new sense of purpose, self assurance, and a kick butt independence.

In 2017 I met my now husband, Will, and we began our journey together. I closed my business down for a few months at a time when life got crazy and it wasn't what it used to be. I was burnt out!


You see we have 5 kids together Rylan (11), Taylor (9), Ethan (4), Liam (3), and Luca (1). Some of our kids have special needs (Physical, Speech, Autism, Behavioural, and more!) so it was imperative that I be able to stay home with them and give them the care that they need and make sure that all their mental, physical, and medical needs were being met. However after several years of only working off and on I decided that it was time to reopen my business full time and rebrand it! 


Then the pandemic hit right as we were set to relaunch. That in itself presented a new set of problems with medically fragile children and adults in the house and immediate family.


But here we are! Kicking butt and taking names!

To me this business gives us the security we need for me to be able to stay home with my kids while not putting the entire burden of the finances on my husband. It means that my kids get to see and help with an awesome business, learn about money management, running a business, customer service, self reliance, responsibility, and so much more!

We are raising the future generations and morals are NOT optional, neither is work ethic!

Thank you so much for joining us on our journey as we continue to expand and evolve as a family run business! Please continue to shop and support small businesses, because you, our customers, are truly the key to our success!